Japanese keenly interested in investing in the city

During his reception on Wednesday for a group from Japan’s Forval Corporation, led by its Chairman and CEO, Mr Hideo Okubo, the Da Nang People’s Committee Chairman, Mr Huynh Duc Tho expressed his desire that Japan would become a major international investor in the city.
Mr Tho highly applauded the visit of the Japanese guests, here to learn about the city’s investment climate and opportunities.  He also took the opportunity to ask Japanese businesses to help the city train its high-quality human resources, and establish a Japanese business community at the Hi-tech Park.

ForvalMeeting between Forval and Danang Hi-tech Park Management Board

Chairman and CEO Hideo Okubo said “Japan has to pour investment into other countries due to its ageing population.  Viet Nam is one of the main countries that Japan has shown a keen interest in investing into, and it is now home to over 1,000 Japanese businesses”. 

He expressed his belief that Da Nang would become a large and potential market in the near future, and it would record even greater achievements in the years ahead.  He remarked that Japanese businesses are willing to boost bilateral cooperative relations with partners in Da Nang.

Finally, he pledged to appeal for more Japanese businesses to invest in the Da Nang Hi-tech Park, and to help the city train its information technology human resources.

Da Nang is giving top priority to appeals for FDI investment inflows into many local projects.  These include an infrastructure project at an industrial zone for Japanese small and medium-sized enterprises, a project to build rentable warehouses for Japanese SMEs located in local industrial parks, an international hospital, a resort for Japanese old people, and a logistics centre. 

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